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CBC – Technology & Science

  • 24 Mar 2016
  • Big Data, disruption, Hyperloop

“This is the sign-in screen for the app,” says Lloyd Marino, who is designing some of the interactive tools for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Customers. “Through the use of big data, there are a lot of things that we start to understand about you. By doing that we can subsidize your travel experience by offering you things,” Marino says.

Basically, if you allow the company access to your data, you could ride at a discount.

“Sure, we can sell ads,” Marino says.”There’s a lot we know about you, so by knowing your behaviour there are a lot of offerings we can serve up to you through this application to make your experience potentially free. If you commute to work every day, and that behaviour shows up in your profile, well now I can start offering you things on your daily commute. So perhaps a coffee at a particular coffee bar, offer you a dollar off because you’ll wind up being a regular.”

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